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Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki. StringThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

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63 Building Aquarium + {{{short_description}}}  


A.R.B. Distributing + {{{short_description}}}  
ABI (Automatic Bacterial Injection) + {{{short_description}}}  
Acquario Comunale 'Diacinto Cestoni' + {{{short_description}}}  
Acqua Mundo + {{{short_description}}}  
Adam's Pet Safari + {{{short_description}}}  
Advanced Aquatics + {{{short_description}}}  
Adventure Aquarium + {{{short_description}}}  
AETech + {{{short_description}}}  
Akvariet i Bergen + {{{short_description}}}  
Akvarij - Terarij + {{{short_description}}}  
Albuquerque Aquarium + {{{short_description}}}  
Algone Corporation + {{{short_description}}}  
Aliotis Aquarium de Sologne + {{{short_description}}}  
American Marine + {{{short_description}}}  
ANGFA + The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association brings together aquarists, scientists, and conservationists interested in the native fishes of the Australian continent. They publish ''Fishes of Sahul.''  +
Anglesey Sea Zoo + {{{short_description}}} + {{{short_description}}}  
AquaCave + {{{short_description}}}  
Aquactinics + {{{short_description}}}  
Aquadine + {{{short_description}}}  
Aquael + {{{short_description}}}  
AquaEuroUSA + {{{short_description}}}  
Aquaria KLCC + {{{short_description}}} + {{{short_description}}}  
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