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YourLogoHere.jpg Aquael is a European manufacturer that is involved in production, export, import and distribution of high class equipment for aquariums and ponds.

They offer everything you need for your aquarium -- tanks, decorations, internal and external filters, media, heaters, lamps, water conditioners, additives, and foods.

Available for your pond -- accessories, pond filters, heaters, lamps, filters and media, fountain pumps, garden sets, decorations, and foods.

Aquael is always enhancing the level of its products, seeking new solutions and developing new products, so as to meet the demands of its customers in the best possible way. {{{short_description}}}

Organization type: Wholesale Merchant

Aquael USA 171 Erick Street, Unit A1/B1
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
North America
(815) 479-6400

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City Crystal Lake  +
Continent North America  +
Country US  +
Directory type Sources - Aquarium and Pond Supplies  +, and Sources - Aquarium and Pond Foods  +
Image YourLogoHere.jpg  +
Organization name Aquael  +
Organization type Wholesale Merchant  +
Phone (815) 479-6400  +
Postal code 60014  +
Region code IL  +
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Street address Aquael USA

171 Erick Street, Unit A1/B1  [[Special:SearchByProperty/Street address::Aquael USA

171 Erick Street, Unit A1/B1|+]]
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