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YourLogoHere.jpg Online since 1998 - A.R.B. Distributing is an established aquarium supply company specializing in fish tanks, aquariums, custom aquariums, aquarium furniture, acrylic aquariums, and aquarium supplies.

They are your online source for all of your aquarium needs and they offer complete turn-key marine saltwater reef and freshwater systems as a discount aquarium package.

Specializing in large aquariums such as Tenecor Ultraquariums, they are also experts in small biOrb and biUbe table-top aquariums, Sea Columns, Aqua Towers, Coffee table aquariums, Zero Edge, and the new Aqua Vista wall hanging picture frame aquariums.

They carry almost every kind of aquarium light under the sun, from new LED lights, PC power compact lighting, T-5 Fluorescent, to MH Metal Halide lights from Hamilton Technology & Sunlight Supply .

They offer competitive prices and top notch customer service.


Organization type: Wholesale Merchant

A.R.B. Distributing
P.O. Box 8071
Grand Rapids, MI 49518
North America
Toll Free 1-877-204-5018, (616) 534-5050


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