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Join Our International Team
of Field Editors & Contributors

Aquarium Explorer readers want the best, most trustworthy information they can find.

To ensure the quality of our editorial content, Aquarium Explorer allows article submission by invitation only.

If you are interested in joining our international team of Field Editors and Contributors, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your City, State/Province, Country
  • Your area(s) of expertise relevant to Aquarium Explorer
  • Your publication credits
  • Your educational background, if relevant
  • Your profession
  • Let us know what you would be willing to do:
    • Write articles / submit content
    • Submit photographs
    • Edit articles / Help watch a section of the site
    • Adopt a family
      (enhance Species Profiles in a group you know well)
    • Write a blog
    • Other

Send to: [email protected]

Thank you!