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Xanthichthys auromarginatus.jpg
Bluechin Triggerfish, Xanthichthys auromarginatus. Scott W. Michael
Trichogaster leeri.jpg
Pearl Gourami, Trichogaster leeri. Aaron Norman
Acanthastrea lordhowensis.jpg
Australian Lord Coral, Acanthastrea lordhowensis. Dave Burr/Vivid Aquariums
Enoplometopus spp.jpg
Flame Lobsters, Enoplometopus spp. Scott W. Michael
Aponogeton longiplumulosus cropped.jpg
Longiplumulosus, Aponogeton longiplumulosus. MP & C Piednoir
Tubastraea aurea SS 476x300.jpg
Yellow Sun Corals, Tubastraea aurea. Janine Cairns-Michael
Geophagus brasiliensis.jpg
Mother-of-Pearl Eartheater, Geophagus braziliensis. Destination Tanganyika

Species Profiles

Aquarium Explorer offers a growing library of Species Profiles within three BioGroups of interest to aquarium keepers and naturalists: Marine, Freshwater and Brackishwater.

Each Species Profile is linked to its current Family and Genus. Another route to find a particular species is to enter its common name or scientific name in Search at the top left of each page.

All content is written and edited by leading authors, marine biologists, underwater naturalists, and experienced aquarists.

Amphiprion percula CB.jpg


Marine Fishes
Freshwater Fishes
Brackishwater Fishes

Caridina multidentata.jpg


Marine Invertebrates
Freshwater Invertebrates
Brackishwater Invertebrates

Caulerpa mexicana.jpg

Plants and Algae

Marine Plants and Algae
Freshwater Plants and Algae
Brackishwater Plants and Algae

Corydoras panda.jpg

Model Aquariums

To start the thought process for planning a new community aquarium, and to highlight some combinations that expert aquarists have found to work, here are some models that can easily be replicated using readily available species, all profiled on this site.

Marine Communities | Freshwater Communities

User's Guide to the Species Profiles