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Microcosm Aquarium Explorer Launch

In seven months, the new Microcosm Aquarium Explorer site has grown to almost 7,850 pages of content, and from virtually zero to almost 90,000 monthly page views.

Total Pages: 7,838

Species, Genus, Family Pages: 2,122

Public Aquaria, Zoos, Aquarium Sources: 890

Total Images: 3,140

Total Page Edits to Date: 25,771

Traffic Statistics:

  • Page Views per month:82,930
  • Visits: 17,833
  • Unique Visitors: 15,685

Source: Google Analytics, most recent 30-day period. (October 14, 2008)

Past News

GO LIVE DATE: March 1, 2008

After more than a year of testing, development (and a rechristening from "AquariumGeographic.com"), Microcosm Aquarium Explorer features the following content at launch:

Total Pages: 6,705

Species, Genus, Family Pages: 1,986

Public Aquaria, Zoos, Aquarium Sources: 785

Total Images: 2,527

Total Page Edits to Date: 20,792

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