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Archerfishes, with many look-alike species, do best only in brackish water.

The Fishes: A Snapshot

Bloch's Garfish, a brackishwater species.

Brackish-water species account for just under 10% of all currently known fishes.

Of all living vertebrates, the fishes make up more than half of the approximately 55,000 known species.

  • Species of Fishes (including subspecies): 30,121
  • Primarily Marine: 14,021 (47%)
  • Primarily Freshwater: 13,228 (44%)
  • Brackish or diadromous: 2,871 (10%)

Editor's Note: More brackish-water fishes and content coming soon.

Brackish-water Fishes

Brackishwater BioGroups Fishes families:

 Brackish-water Fishes

Reference: 101 Best Tropical Fishes
Image credit: JJ
Text credit: JL