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Toxotes chatareus.jpg
Toxotes chatareus, Largescale Archerfish. JJPhoto.dk
Mangrove swamp, a model brackish biotope. NOAA
Periophthalmus novemradiatus.jpg
Periophthalmus novemradiatus, Pearse's Mudskipper. JJPhoto.dk
Echidna rhodochilus.jpg
Echidna rhodochilus, Pink-lipped Moray Eel. JJPhoto.dk
Hair algae.jpg

The Mystery of the Green Hair

So where do we start on this complex subject of hair algae? I think I will start with something my old Taekwondo teacher used to say (I suspect he lifted it from a movie line): “The best way to avoid a punch is not to be there.”

Well, the best way to deal with hair algae is never to get it in the first place. This sounds simplistic but it is indeed my best advice on the topic of hair algae. I will therefore dedicate the remainder of Part I to techniques for the avoidance of hair algae. Then, in Part Two, we will tackle what to do if you are among the unfortunate aquarists who already have a hair problem and need to be rid of it. Read more...