Pearse's Mudskipper

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Periophthalmus novemradiatus - (Hamilton, 1822)
Pearse's Mudskipper

Periophthalmus novemradiatus.jpg

Fascinating fishes that move in and out of the water with ease.


Mudskippers are fascinating brackish-water fishes that require a specially set up aquarium to survive. They are worth keeping only if you can offer them a large system that includes both an above-water shoreline and swimming sections.

Family: Gobiidae

Other common name(s):

  • Mudskipper

Native range:

Habitat: Brackish shallow waters near stream banks, mud flats, and mangrove swamps. They are very much like amphibians, breathing air above water, and they must be able to emerge frequently. (They can survive more than 36 hours out of water if kept moist.)

Maximum length: 10 cm (4 in)

Water: Brackish 24 °C (75 °F) - 28 °C (82 °F)

General swimming level: Near surface to perching on shore.


Carnivore. Feeds on worms, insects, crustaceans.

Aquarium Compatibility

Keep with peaceful, non-predatory fishes. Public aquaria keep them in small groups and they display many interesting social interactions.

Special Care

Aquarium must have a moist "beach" or mudflat where the mudskippers can emerge from the water. Here they will walk, hop, and even climb branches. Ideally, the mudflat will have a source of slow-flowing water and be deep enough so that the mudskippers can bury themselves.

Reference: 101 Best Tropical Fishes
Image credit: JJ
Text credit: KW