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Current Top 12 Aquarium Books

  1. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist
    by Robert M. Fenner (Revised & Updated 2nd Edition)
  2. The New Marine Aquarium
    by Michael S. Paletta
  3. Aquarium Corals
    by Eric Borneman
  4. A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Fishes
    by Scott W. Michael
  5. A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Invertebrates
    by Ronald L. Shimek, PhD
  6. The Reef Aquarium (Vol. 3): Science, Art, and Technology
    by J. Charles Delbeek and Julian Sprung
  7. The Simple Guide to Fresh Water Aquariums
    by David E. Boruchowitz
  8. Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
    by Diana Walstad
  9. Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies
    by Gregory Skomal, PhD
  10. Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
    by Peter Hiscock
  11. Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium: Week-by-Week]]
    by Stuart Thraves
  12. 500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish
    by Greg Jennings

Source: Amazon.com (updated monthly) Current List: Amazon Aquarium Bestsellers