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Selection, Husbandry and Natural History
AquariumCorals cover.jpg

AquariumCorals cover.jpg


Pages: 464

List price: $44.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: Microcosm/TFH Professional Series

Year published: 2001

ISBN: 1890087483

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KEEPING LIVE CORALS has been likened to "bonsai for the Cousteau generation" and "the ultimate underwater gardening experience."

Beautiful, bizarre, and among nature's most colorful creations, living corals are now being successfully kept and grown in tens of thousands of home saltwater aquariums.

A Must-Have Guide for All Reefkeepers -- Beginner to Expert

For the first time, master aquarist Eric Borneman offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and fully illustrated guide to appropriate aquarium species, including a diversity of soft corals, as well as popular and rare large-polyp and small-polyp stony corals.

More than 700 world-class photographs and text reviewed by leading coral biologists and coral keepers guides the reader through the selection and husbandry of hundreds of species.

Includes a foreword by the preeminent coral biologist Dr. J.E.N. Veron, author of Corals in Space & Time and Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific.



"I cannot say enough positive things about this book. I have a significant collection of books on marine fish and reef aquariums,and this is easily one of the best I have. If you are planning to keep corals and are really serious, you should buy this book and follow Borneman's advice. The pictures are excellent, and the depth and intelligence of the coverage on everything from corallimorphs to stonies is exceptional."
—Anne Gassiot, Amazon Reviews

"This book is a must-have for anyone truly interested in keeping domestic corals and their kin. It is a steal for the price, and filled with excellent images. It contains superior taxonomic and nomenclature information, making it easy to understand which animals belong in which genus. It helped me identify many of my hitch-hikers. It includes toxicology of the animals, including their threat level to aquarists and other animals. Vivid diagrams on octocoral and stony coral anatomy (and words in bold print) make it a bit like a text book.

One of the best aspects of Aquarium Corals is its universal appeal. Those new to the hobby will find as much joy as experts. Charts help beginners learn orders, suborders, and families. Collection impact, symbiotic algae species listings, and natural location keeps advanced aquarists interested. This book even has a map with all common collection sites and recipes for making coral food!

The bulk of the book focuses on the various species of cnidarians, but also provides an excellent brief history of coral classification and research. There is an in-depth discussion of diseases as well. True to form, it provides a wealth of information about nitrogen cycles and common filtration practices, temperature and salinity, and the various trace elements, plus conservation threats and efforts. The real treat is the corals, however.

It's a great book. Buy it; you'll like it!" —"Morg," Amazon Reviews

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