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Author Eric Borneman.

EricBorneman.jpg Eric Borneman is a widely published aquarium writer and a PhD candidate at the University of Houston, where he is studying stress related factors and apoptosis in coral diseases.He was the co-author, with Ed Puterbaugh, of A Practical Guide to Corals for the Reef Aquarium.

His memberships include: International Society for Reef Studies; American Academy of Underwater Scientists; Associated Marine Labs of the Caribbean; and the Coral Disease and Health Consortium.

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From 2001-2005 he chaired the committee to develop model test systems and coral “lab rats”: Culture of Aquarium Corals for Disease Research, Coral Health and Disease Consortium, US Coral Reef Task Force.

He has taken part in field surveys and contributed to publications and organizations involving the Earthwatch Institute, World Wildlife Fund, CITES, NOAA, NMFS, USCRTF, TRAFFIC, NSF and others based on field work in Dominica, Flower Garden Banks, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Australia, Belize, Easter Island, and Fiji.

He is currently the expert forum leader, Coral and Coral Reefs, Marine Depot Forums. Eric H. Borneman is the author of: