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A World-Class Resource for a Diverse Community

Microcosm® Aquarium Explorer is the creation of an international team of leading aquarium authors, marine biologists, underwater photographers, and tropical naturalists, brought to you by the same experts who publish Coral Magazine.

Content rich, with 8,159 pages and 3,339 color images, Microcosm Aquarium Explorer is a growing world-class resource for a diverse community of demanding enthusiasts with interests in:

  • Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Keeping
  • Fishes, Invertebrates & Aquatic Plants
  • Reef, Rainforest & Aquarium News
  • Eco-Travel, Diving, Snorkeling & Photography
  • Sources (Where to Find Everything Aquatic)

Our goal is to inspire and inform those with a passion for replicating coral reef and tropical freshwater ecosystems in their home aquaria — or exploring them in the wild and during their travels.

Stay Inspired, Stay Informed, Stay Connected
with Microcosm Aquarium Explorer