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Reef HQ - Great Barrier Reef Aquarium: Sawfish, Corals, and More
Daintree National Park-1 476x300.jpg
Visiting the World's Oldest Rainforest: Into Daintree National Park
Where the Whale Sharks Swim: Visiting Georgia Aquarium
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Tahiti for Fishwatchers: Polynesia Within Reach
Bahamas Out Island 476x300.jpg
Bahamas Bound: Exploring Bahamian Out Islands

Not Your Grandfather's Public Aquarium

New exhibits at North America's leading public aquaria offer an astonishing array of new animals, both marine and freshwater, along with fine dining (yes they serve seafood), live jazz, IMAX movies galore and, in many cases, ever closer encounters with the animals. Read more...


Splash! A First Dive into the Bahamas

Splash! Over the stern I go. I release the air in my BCD (buoyancy compensator device) and slowly sink towards the white sandy bottom. Aquamarine above, the water embracing me is crystal-clear and the temperature I have been fantasizing about. Read more...

White Shark 150px.jpg

Monterey Bay Aquarium Releases New Great White

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has released its new 4-foot, 55-pound female Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) after just 11 days in its care. Biologists at the aquarium report that the animal, caught in a seine net in Santa Monica Bay and brought to Monterey in a 3,000-gallon tank, had eaten only once and they did not want to jeopardize its health. Read more...


Last Frontiers: Philippines

Each of the 7,000 islands that comprise the Philippines offers something unique; it may be the rare Blueface Angelfish, the delicious Guimaras mango, the local Tagbanua dialect, or the incredible sighting of the almost-perfect cone of the volcano, Mayon. Read more...

Noumea mwa kaa melanesian lady-476.jpg

Discovering New Caledonia

Lurking under the radar screens of many tropical travelers and underwater naturalists, New Caledonia is a biodiversity hotspot, with its unspoiled lagoons, reefs, and native cultures recently awarded a World Heritage Site designation by UNESCO. Read more...


Visiting the World's Oldest Rainforest

Over 135 million years old, Daintree Rainforest is reputed to be home to the largest range of plants and animals on earth. Read more...


Where the Whale Sharks Swim

Located in sunny downtown Atlanta, this is the world’s largest aquarium. It houses three specimens of the world’s largest fish, the whale shark...Read more...

Other Featured Travel Stories

Polynesia Fishwatching

Speaking of the lagoons of French Polynesia, Henri Matisse once asked: “Aren't you one of the seven wonders of the Paradise of painters?” Read more...

Bahamas Bound

Don't leave home or even think of buying a ticket until you've visited CyberDiver.com and read what they have to to say about Bahamas underwater attractions... Read more...

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