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Freshwater Model Aquarium Communities JJPhoto.dk
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Stocking Your Freshwater Aquarium: Building A Community Neil Hepworth
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Best Freshwater Fish Species JJPhoto.dk
Foods and Feeding: Freshwater JJPhoto.dk
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Freshwater Breeding JJPhoto.dk
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Freshwater Model Aquarium Communities

To start the thought process for planning a new community aquarium, and to highlight some combinations that expert aquarists have found to work, here are some models that can easily be replicated using readily available species, all profiled on this site. Read more...

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Keeping Your Freshwater Fish Healthy

Much of the time disease in the aquarium is, not to put too fine a point on it, a disaster. The trouble starts with a new fish or fishes being introduced to the established aquarium. The next thing, there’s a spritzing of spots or a tilting fish, and before you know it, the population starts to decline. Without appropriate intervention, the more delicate fishes are all dead, and before long, the hardier fishes are gone as well. What’s to be done? Read more...

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Foods & Feeding

In the not-so-distant past, aquarium fish were fed things such as ground puppy biscuits and inferior flake foods composed of the same ingredients, including wheat flour and salt, used in making breakfast cereals and crackers for human consumption. Today, we know that good nutrition is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy and prosperous aquarium... Read more...

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Freshwater Breeding

For many freshwater aquarists, one of the joys of keeping exotic fishes is to encourage and witness the reproductive lives of their fishes. Unlike many marine species, which can be challenging to spawn in home-scale aquariums and which often produce exceedingly tiny, hard-to-feed larvae, many freshwater species are not especially difficult to breed. In fact, in many cases, such as the livebearers and cichlids, it may be virtually impossible to keep the fish from doing what comes naturally. Read more...