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Photo courtesy of Mike Maddox
Photo courtesy of Matthew L. Wittenrich
Paracheirodon axelrodi school.jpg
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Want your tank featured on Aquarium Explorer?

Want fame and fortune for your aquarium? Enter your tank into the Aquarium Explorer Tank of the Month contest! Please include the following information about your tank:

  • Aquarium type
  • Capacity
  • Hardware (lighting, filtration, etc)
  • Species list
  • Tank husbandry
  • A few paragraphs about your tank
  • Pictures (see below)

Your submission should include several pictures and at least one full tank shot, cropped to 476 pixels wide. Images may be hosted remotely or emailed if they do not exceed ten megabytes in total size.

There will be a gift certificate awarded to both the freshwater and saltwater tank of the month! Please support Premium Aquatics and Reef Cleaners for their generous donations!

Submissions can be mailed to: [email protected] with the subject "Tank of the Month submission". Good luck!

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