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Matthew L. Wittenrich on a research trip to the Philippines.
Alexandra Dodoha

MLW bio.jpg Matthew L. Wittenrich is a marine biologist who has been deeply involved with the aquarium world since the age of 15.

Working in various capacities as a researcher, consultant, and hobbyist, his work has taken him to the Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands and throughout the Caribbean and Central America studying coral reef fishes. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology from Long Island University, Southampton College, he worked in various facets of
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commercial finfish aquaculture and collaborated on various research projects throughout the United States and Australia.

He is currently pursuing his doctorate at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, with research projects centered in the Philippines. A native of western New York, he began breeding saltwater fish in his parent's basement, successfully raising more than 56 species of marine fish and shrimp. His research focuses on the development of feeding abilities in early stage larvae of coral reef fishes.

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His photography is featured in The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner to Breeder , The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Handbook, and 101 Best Marine Invertebrates.

His work appears regularly in CORAL Magazine. Matthew L. Wittenrich is the author of: