The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Handbook

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The Essential Guide to Keeping Saltwater Species Alive and Thriving
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Pages: 256

List price: $39.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: Microcosm/TFH Professional Series

Year published: 2008

ISBN: 1890087955

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At last, a complete, up-to-date, profusely illustrated marine fish health guide for home aquarists, beginner to expert. It includes hands-on advice for preventing, recognizing and treating all common marine diseases, conditions and maladies.

Hundreds of color photographs illustrate symptoms, foods, quarantine systems, foods and feeding, and preventive husbandry techniques.

For beginner to expert, this is the must-have new reference for every marine aquarium owner. From first-aid tactics to everyday feeding for long-term success, this reliable guide offers easy-to-follow, state-of-the-art advice on keeping a saltwater aquarium healthy, well-fed and free of common diseases and maladies.

Chapters & Sections Include:

  • Selecting & Acclimating New Fish
  • Preventing Whole-tank Wipeouts
  • Avoiding Cyanide-Caught Fish
  • Setting Up A Quarantine/Hospital Tank
  • Feeding for Maximum Health & Coloration
  • Disease Symptoms and Recognition
  • Treatment Options and Step-by-Step Procedures
  • Stocking an Aquarium First-Aid Kit
  • Fish-saving Emergency Tactics
  • Includes New Approaches to Treating Marine Ich, Amyloodinium, Brooklynella, and Uronema—Even in Reef Aquariums


A Sense of Caring for the Lives of Marine Fishes, from the Foreword by Martin A. Moe, Jr.


I have been a tank keeper for twenty years and have read every book written on the subject. This new book by Bob Goemans and Lance Ichinotsubo is by far the the most comprehensive, up to date, accurate, well-written, and organized book to have been published in several years.

The chapters on feeding—and maintaining—the health of the corals and fish are outstanding, but there is so much other information in the book about the latest techniques of maintaining saltwater aquariums. The book's title could have been "Everything You Need To Know To Maintain a Spectacular Marine Aquarium".

There are at least a hundred beautiful photos and the information is cutting edge. Your tank can only benefit by your reading of this book!.

It should be part of every "Reefers" library.
—Dr. Paul Carpenter, CT
Amazon Reviews

The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Handbook should be on the shelf of every novice as well as veteran saltwater hobbyist. It is a beautifully presented book. It provides an excellent common sense overview of general marine fish maintenance, feeding and healthcare.

The 232 page volume is broken down into 3 parts: The Healthy Marine Aquarium, Foods and Feeding, and Diseases and Conditions. The information contained in the 10 chapters provides a good starting point to assess why your saltwater fish tank and fish may not be thriving.

The Section on Diseases and Conditions gives the aquarium hobbyist an introduction into the complexities of treating and diagnosing fish disease. However, the medical information contained in the book is general, and in a continually changing field of new treatments and medicines for use in marine fish, is not intended to supplant the use of an aquatic animal veterinarian, or aquarium consultants such as the author Lance Ichinotsubo, to correctly diagnose and treat many similar looking fish diseases and saltwater aquarium problems.

Both authors have done a highly commendable job providing a wealth of practical knowledge in this book, garnered over their years as both aquarium hobbyists and professionals.

Les Gerson, D.V.M.
Aquatic Animal Veterinarian
Miami, FL

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