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Bob Goemans, co-author of The Marine Fish Health and Feeding Handbook

Goemans.jpg A prominent figure among marine aquarium enthusiasts, Bob Goemans has been keeping tropical and saltwater fishes for more than six decades.

He was born and raised in Queens, New York, where he started with freshwater aquariums as a child in 1945 and had his first marine aquarium in 1956.

As a world traveler and diver for 50 years, he has collected specimens for his home aquariums from the South China Sea to the Caribbean.

Bob is well known as an author on the many facets of marine aquaristics, at one point publishing 178 consecutive monthly articles for Marine Fish Monthly magazine.

He is currently a regular contributor to Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) magazine and Freshwater and Marine Aquariums (FAMA), and SeaScope in the United States. His work also appears in Practical Fishkeeping and UltraMarine magazines in the United Kingdom, where he has been a regular contributor to Marine World. He has also authored a series of accessible publications dedicated to the more natural aspects of marine aquarium keeping, and also produced a CD-ROM book explaining the biological aspects of the Jaubert Plenum method and associated microbial processes. He is a well-known aquarium supporter of local aquarium businesses and groups, often appearing at aquarium shop openings, question and answer sessions, aquarium society meetings, symposiums, school events and on related TV programs.

Bob has a doctorate in Business Management and is a retired Environmental Contracting Manager for a subsidiary of General Motors. In addition to aquarium research and writing endeavors, Bob heads aquarium and environmental consulting businesses, and currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, where he is a supporter of conservation efforts and a Sierra Club member.

He considers himself a truly independent voice in the aquarium hobby and takes much satisfaction in helping his fellow aquarists.

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