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Aquaria KLCC

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[edit] Jewels of the Nearby Jungle

The jungle microcosm comes to life in small displays featuring camouflaged Leaf Frogs and brightly-colored Poison Dart Frogs. From there, move to the Flooded Forest exhibit and discover huge Malaysian catfish and giant Arapaimas.

[edit] Local Coast

Explore local coastal treasures from mangroves to the sea: get close to baby sharks and stingrays as they swim in the Touch Pool. And don’t miss the hand-made mini coral reef, constructed of concrete balls. It’s a sustainable and impressive reef display that supports a huge amount of marine life, from fishes to anemones.

[edit] The Ocean Tunnel

Walk inside the ocean for more than 250 feet. More than 3,000 sea creatures—and a shipwreck!—live in the tank surrounding this tunnel, including Sand Tiger sharks, stingrays and eels.

[edit] Turtle Conservation

The Aquarium founded a Turtle Conservation program with the Department of Fisheries to support the rehabilitation and research of turtles in Malaysia.

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Aquaria KLCC

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