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YourLogoHere.jpg American Marine Inc. was started in 1989 by a devoted aquaculturist who was passionate about quality and precision.

Using the most current technology and design, American Marine introduced PINPOINT™ Monitors, which have become the most respected line of digital instruments in the aquaculture business.

For every purpose, from a goldfish bowl to a salmon hatchery, PINPOINT™ Monitors are called into duty every day because of their rugged design, precise readings and reasonable cost. {{{short_description}}}

Organization type: Retail Merchant

American Marine
54 Danbury Road, Suite 172
Ridgefield, CT 06877
North America
(800) 925-4689

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City Ridgefield  +
Continent North America  +
Country US  +
Directory type Sources - Aquarium Controllers  +, Sources - Aquarium Monitors  +, and Sources - Additives  +
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Organization name American Marine  +
Organization type Retail Merchant  +
Phone (800) 925-4689  +
Postal code 06877  +
Region code CT  +
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Street address 54 Danbury Road, Suite 172  +
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