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Akvariet i Bergen

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[edit] Norwegian Treasures

In sixty tanks you’ll get to see and experience local aquatic life that lives off the coast and in the famous fjords of Norway: bearded cod, small-spotted catshark, eels, catfish, piked dogfish, and of course hagfish (Norway’s national fish). There are also tanks of more exotic creatures, ranging from crocodiles and anglerfish to turtles and silk monkeys.

[edit] Community Affair

At the Bergen Aquarium you’ll be made to feel like a part of the community; this has been a local meeting place since 1960. Many people come for the 3D movie theater, which shows, among other films, a feature about the Aquarium and the Norwegian coast. In the summer, the Aquarium hosts concerts that are open to the public.

[edit] Aquaculture

Don’t miss the aquaculture exhibit, where you can use four interactive screens to learn about fish farming.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Akvariet i Bergen
Nordnesbakken 4
Bergen, N-5817
55 55 71 71

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