Marine Setup Step 7 - Rest and Test

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Once aquascaped, the aquarium should be allowed to settle before further additions. E. Kadunc

[edit] Step-by-Step
Aquarium Setup

  1. Investigate
  2. Make Lists
  3. Buy Your System Components
  4. Assemble and Test Your Gear
  5. Mix the Seawater
  6. Add the Rock and Substrate
  7. Rest and Test
  8. Inoculate Your System
  9. Add Herbivores
  10. Add Hardy Fishes

[edit] Letting Things Clear

By Robert M. Fenner from The Conscientious Marine Aquarist

  • Once the aquascaping is complete, reinstall the heaters and start all filters and pumps, except for the protein skimmer. Hook up your lighting, timers, service switches, and other electrical items.
  • New setups are virtually always cloudy. Let things run for at least a day to “allow the dust to settle” and to give your system time to stabilize chemically and physically.
  • After letting some time lapse, check your water parameters. Temperature, pH, and specific gravity should all be within the recommended limits.
  • All pumps and filters should be running (with the exception of the protein skimmer), and your system water should be circulating and well-oxygenated. If anything is amiss chemically, you must adjust and correct before moving to the next step.

[edit] Tips

Concerned about electrical shock? Good. I strongly advise you to use a grounding probe and a ground fault interrupter. Don’t handle electrical plugs or wiring with wet hands, don’t stand in puddles while manipulating electrical gear, and wear rubber-soled shoes when working around water and electricity.

Some folks crank up the temperature to 82 to 84 degrees F and/or extend their lights-on period to 24 hours during initial setting up, to speed up establishment of cycling and beneficial algae growth. There is nothing wrong with this, but don’t try this once any livestock are in place.

[edit] Recommended Reading

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