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Author Michael S. Paletta

MichaelPaletta.jpg Michael S. Paletta is one of North America’s leading amateur saltwater aquarists. He has been involved in the design and setup of more than 60 marine aquariums, including the 4,500-gallon reef exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and a number of reef systems at the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium. He has a degree in biology, psychology, and chemistry from Dickinson College and holds a master’s degree in psycho-pharmacology from Yale University.

He works in the field of biotechnology and lives with his family near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he has several marine systems, including a 1,200-gallon reef aquarium, a 300-gallon coral-propagation tank, and a 40-gallon "nano reef."

Michael Paletta appeared with Blue Zoo radio host Frank Reece in April 2008 to discuss trends in aquarium keeping and the evolution of the marine aquarium.

Listen Online: 04.21.08 Show

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