Marine Setup Step 2 - Make Lists

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Identify the species you "must have" and try to build a system to suit them. Matthew Wittenich

[edit] Step-by-Step
Aquarium Setup

  1. Investigate
  2. Make Lists
  3. Buy Your System Components
  4. Assemble and Test Your Gear
  5. Mix the Seawater
  6. Add the Rock and Substrate
  7. Rest and Test
  8. Inoculate Your System
  9. Add Herbivores
  10. Add Hardy Fishes

[edit] Choices & Temptations

By Robert M. Fenner from The Conscientious Marine Aquarist

As you will quickly appreciate, the intersecting worlds of fish species, invertebrates, and aquarium equipment hold more choices, options, and temptations than most mortal minds can sort or even begin to understand in a short time.

Know that confusion is a normal state at this point; relax and look forward to years of learning and experimentation. Begin by narrowing down the scope of your system, both livestock and hardware components.

[edit] To Do

My advice? Make lists; modify or copy mine (on these pages) to detail equipment you might need or want, with manufacturers, makes, models, sizes, prices, and features.

Be bold, make copies, and take them to your dealer(s) to get more ideas and opinions of your plans. Chances are good that in your visits to local stores you will find an owner or salesperson who will take the time to answer questions and who seems to offer honest, useful advice.

Ask more questions; discuss whatever is confusing to you.

By the time you are done, you should have at least two lists:

[edit] Recommended Reading

[edit] Good Books for Beginning Marine Aquarists