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Diodon holocanthus, Spiny Puffer. Scott W. Michael

[edit] Overview

The porcupinefishes are puffers with spiny exterior appendages and are variously known as balloonfish, blowfish," and globefish.

Some species carry a deadly neurotoxin in their internal organs


Native range:

Taxonomic rank: Family

Common name: Porcupinefishes & Burrfishes

Total known Total profiles
Subfamilies 0 0
Genera 6 1
Species 19 1

[edit] Subfamilies


[edit] Genera

[edit] Species

Facts about DiodontidaeRDF feed
Biogroup-Organism Marine Fishes  +
Common name Porcupinefishes & Burrfishes  +
Family taxonomic rank Family  +
Native range Circumtropical  +
Reference Reef Fishes Volume 1  +