Reef Fishes Volume 1

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A Guide to Their Identification, Behavior, and Captive Care
Must-have first volume of the series.

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Pages: 624

List price: $74.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: Reef Fishes Series

Year published: 1998

ISBN: 1890087211

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Master Volume for the landmark Reef Fishes Series.

Moray Eels, Lionfishes Seahorses & Anthias

THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE WORK on the dazzling fishes of the world's coral reefs, especially those of interest to marine aquarists.

This first volume of a long-anticipated six-volume set covers reef environments, fish behaviors, anatomy, taxonomy, and evolution, with hundreds of species accounts and world-class photographs.

A much-needed reference for aquarists, as well as for divers and coral reef naturalists, this authoritative account includes more than 800 species photographs.

Families covered in this volume:

  • Family Muraenidae / Moray Eels
  • Family Heterocongridae / Conger and Garden Eels
  • Family Ophichthidae / Snake Eels
  • Family Plotosidae / Eel Catfishes
  • Family Synodontidae / Lizardfishes
  • Family Bythitidae / Livebearing Brotulas
  • Family Batrachoididae / Toadfishes
  • Family Antennariidae / Frogfishes
  • Family Ogcocephalidae / Walking Batfishes
  • Family Anomalopidae / Flashlight Fishes
  • Family Monocentridae / Pineapple Fishes
  • Subfamily Holocentrinae / Squirrelfishes
  • Subfamily Myripristinae / Soldierfishes
  • Family Aulostomidae / Trumpetfishes
  • Family Pegasidae / Sea Moths
  • Family Solenostomidae / Ghost Pipefishes
  • Family Syngnathidae / Seahorses and Pipefishes
  • Family Centriscidae / Shrimpfishes
  • Family Caracanthidae / Coral Crouchers
  • Family Tetrarogidae / Waspfishes
  • Family Scorpaenidae / Scorpionfishes, Devilfishes, and Stonefishes
  • Subfamily Pteroinae / Lionfishes
  • Family Platycephalidae / Flatheads
  • Family Dactylopteridae / Helmut Gurnards
  • Subfamily Serraninae / Dwarf Seabasses and Hamlets
  • Subfamily Anthiinae / Anthias


Chapter One: Reef Fishes I

Foreword by Dr. John Randall

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