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[edit] Overview

Mostly bottom-dwelling, heavy-bodied fish that lure other fishes by waving a modified dorsal spine that may mimic a worm, small fish, or amphipod.

The Sargassum Frogfish (Histrio histrio) lives in masses of floating sargassum seaweed and is often available to aquarists.

Frogfishes make fascinating aquarium specimens but generall are best kept in a species tank as they will ambush and eat all small fishes and even other fishes nearly their own size.


Native range:

Taxonomic rank: Family

Common name: Frogfishes

Total known Total profiles
Subfamilies 0 0
Genera 12 0
Species 42 1

Captive care: Keep in a small species tank where their behaviors can be watched and appreciated.

Feeding: Carnivorous ambush predators, some using a modified dorsal spine known as an illicium as a lure.

[edit] Subfamilies


[edit] Genera


[edit] Species

Living Stamp: Starfish

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