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Ucluelet Aquarium

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[edit] Dedication to Conservation

The Aquarium is, first and foremost, dedicated to conserving biodiversity and respecting the ocean environment. They stick to this mission by hosting and supporting a wide array of programs for children and adults, including science camps and open-forum environmental debates.

[edit] Happy Animals

Local animals are the focus of the spotlight here, and they enjoy great treatment while in captivity in the Aquarium. Every animal you see here will eventually be released back into the wild. This helps the Aquarium keep their displays both sustainable and interesting.

[edit] New Digs

The Aquarium is moving into a new, larger building this year, directly over an intertidal zone. The outdoor touch pools’ water flows into the ocean and enriches local marine life. The entire Aquarium will be re-vamped by 2010.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Ucluelet Aquarium

Ucluelet, BC
North America

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City Ucluelet  +
Continent North America  +
Country Canada  +
Image ucluelet.gif  +
Organization name Ucluelet Aquarium  +
Organization type Public Aquaria  +
Phone 604-987-6992  +
Region code BC  +
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