The Reef Aquarium (Vol. 3)

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Science, Art, and Technology


Pages: 680

List price: $89.95

Publisher: Two Little Fishies, Inc., d.b.a. Ricordea Publishing

Year published: 2005

ISBN: 1883693144

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[edit] Description

This third volume in The Reef Aquarium series, provides the most thorough description of the science behind the creation of a captive reef, and critically reviews and explains the different philosophical approaches to reef aquarium design. It also describes and illustrates the existing as well as emerging technology for building reef aquariums, to help guide the selection of equipment, its proper use, and installation.

While science and technology afford the blank canvas and tools to build a suitable life support system, the plants, animals, and of course the aquarist provide the final ingredient that we call art. This art also involves the system design as it relates to the living space, the aesthetic appearance of the display, and its ease of maintenance, safety, and functionality. To this end, this book provides a wealth of information regarding aquascaping techniques, which combine art, biology, and physics; and invaluable information regarding plumbing, electrical, and other aspects of the aquarium design that combine art and engineering.

Lastly, this book discusses the benefits and potential environmental impacts of the marine aquarium hobby, the challenges for its future, and possible new directions.

[edit] Reviews

My first impression on seeing this third volume was that aesthetically it builds on the great reputation of the two benchmark volumes that preceded it. But after a good read, the quality of content even exceeds my high hopes and expectations as an aquarist for what I expected the book to be. In a word, "value."

Take my advice... a thorough read (and rereads) of this work will pay dividends on time saved, quality of live(stock) improved, and enjoyment above all on the science and pleasure of keeping reef aquarium life. -With kind regards, Anthony Calfo, Amazon

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Author J. Charles Delbeek  +, and Julian Sprung  +
ISBN 1883693144  +
List price $89.95  +
Pages 680  +
Publisher Two Little Fishies, Inc., d.b.a. Ricordea Publishing  +
Subtitle Science, Art, and Technology  +
Year published 2,005  +