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Charles Delbeek.jpg J. Charles Delbeek holds three degrees from the University of Toronto; an honor Bachelor's degree in biology, a Master's in zoology and a Bachelor's in education, which gives him not only a strong basis in marine science, but also in education. This multi-disciplined background allows for a unique viewpoint when it comes to creating not only scientifically accurate living aquatic exhibits but also educational materials for exhibit graphic and interactive components.

An Aquarium Biologist at the Waikiki Aquarium, Charles' professional interests include the ecology and captive husbandry of marine and freshwater fishes, live coral, mangroves, seagrasses, freshwater aquatic plants and cephalopods.

In his capacity at the Aquarium, Charles has been part of the exhibit design team and has contributed to several award winning exhibits and conservation programs (Bean Award 2003, M.A.C.E. Award 2003, M.A.C.E. Award 1999) including live coral and giant clam exhibits, freshwater planted aquaria, cephalopod exhibits, marine fish exhibits as well as holding and research systems for corals and clams.

With over 12 years experience in the public aquarium field, 8 years of teaching experience and 35 years of marine aquarium experience, Charles has developed a well-deserved world-wide reputation for excellence and accuracy in award winning exhibit design and implementation.

Charles has lectured at over 46 aquarium-related conferences and meetings, and published over 68 articles in the popular aquarium literature in the last 21 years. In addition to writing a monthly reef aquarium column for Aquarium Fish International since 1997 and a bi-monthly column for Advanced Aquarist Online, he has co-authored three popular aquarium books with Julian Sprung. The Reef Aquarium series are considered by many to be the definitive works in the field.

Charles has also served as scientific reviewer for ReefKeeping Online magazine and Advanced Aquarist Online, book reviewer for Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine and Veterinary Pathology and has acted as a peer reviewer for scientific journals such as Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences and Aquaculture.

His current website and consulting contact information: J. Charles Delbeek Aquarium Design J. Charles Delbeek is the author of: