The Essential Underwater Photography Manual

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A Guide to Creative Techniques and Key Equipment



Pages: 176

List price: $29.99

Publisher: RotoVision

Year published: 2005

ISBN: 2880467373

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In this beautifully illustrated, practical guide, underwater photography gurus Larry and Denise Tackett draw on their years of experience and learning to share everything the snorkeller and diver needs to know to capture the beautiful diversity of life beneath the sea.

Essential Underwater Photography Manual includes advice on choosing the right equipment, and in straightforward language discusses lighting, creative composition, making the most of a subject and macrophotography, showing how the basic principles of photography change when shooting underwater.

Chapters cover practical exercises, reassuring advice, illuminating anecdotes, and, of course, awe-inspiring photographs. Acclaimed by both the photography and diving press, this book is perfect for those new to underwater photography, it also offers both inspiration and up-to-date new techniques for the more advanced.


"As the subject suggests, this book should be titled Ultimate. Essential, yes, but where this book departs from the others on the subject is the chapter on Behavior, describing how to spot the critter's habits and make that part of the shot. Also excellent is the "How to Wow" chapter. Borrowing a page from Larry and Denise's seminars, this chapter explains how to add the "Pizzazz" that separates a good photo from an award winner. All the technical information is right on and very up to date with current digital technology as well as traditional film technics. Every underwater photographer needs this book!" — Lauadi Bob, (Lost Angeles, CA), Amazon Reviews