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Larry Tackett with co-author Denise Nielsen Tackett.

Tacketts.jpg Larry P. Tackett is the co-author, with Denise Nielsen Tackett, of Reef Life (Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates). A world-class underwater photographer, he contributes to the annual Reef Life Calendar and is a partner in Tackett Productions.

He is an educator and lives with his wife Denise Nielsen Tackett in Paden, West Virginia.


In the early 1980s, Larry and Denise Tackett left established careers in chemical engineering and banking for part-time jobs collecting marine specimens for a university in search of new anti-cancer drug leads. They chose not to work on a full-time basis in order to spend more time doing what they loved—diving, observing, and photo­graph­ing nature.

Throughout the course of their university work, the Tacketts lived in remote areas with primitive conditions in the Indo-Pacific. Diving for work and pleasure, they logged thousands of dives in Truk Lagoon, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Maldives, Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Several years ago they left the university to pursue photography and nature writing full time. Larry and Denise have been contributing editors to Skin Diver magazine.Denise co-authored several editions of the travel book Insight Pocket Guide: Maldives.

The Tacketts were featured in a segment of Ushuaïa Nature, for French television, and were the subject of a National Geographic Sea Stories episode featuring their work on pygmy seahorses and Lembeh Strait.

Larry and Denise try to spend several months a year traveling and gathering new material. When in the U.S., they reside in wild, wonderful West Virginia.

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