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Sea Life Centre Scarborough

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[edit] Caring for the Oceans

The motto of this aquarium chain is S.O.S.: Save our Seas. With thirty branches throughout Europe, they are spreading this ethic and passion for conservation through education about and appreciation of the marine world.

[edit] Fishy Classroom Activities

Sea Life welcomes school groups for field trips full of hands-on learning and lots of opportunities for up-close education with seahorses, anemones, rays and more.

[edit] Conservation

Sea Life supports many conservation projects, as diverse as turtle and seal sanctuaries and a boycott of Japanese goods as a protest over Japanese whale hunting.

[edit] Special in Scarborough

The Great Barrier Reef is re-created here in all its glory, with cow nose rays gliding beneath brightly-colored tropical fish and moray eels poke their heads out from coral caves.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Sea Life Centre Scarborough
Scalby Mills North Yorkshire
Scarborough, YO12 6RP
01723 373414, URIs from the range “” are not available in this place.

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City Scarborough  +
Continent Europe  +
Country England  +
Image sealife.gif  +
Organization name Sea Life Centre Scarborough  +
Organization type Public Aquaria  +
Phone 01723 373414  +
Postal code YO12 6RP  +
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Street address Scalby Mills

North Yorkshire  [[Special:SearchByProperty/Street address::Scalby Mills

North Yorkshire|+]]
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