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National Seal Sanctuary Gweek

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[edit] Fifty Years of Experience

Seals are king at this seaside sanctuary in Cornwall. Since 1958, when a seal pup washed up on the beach, Ken Jones and his wife have been rescuing and rehabilitating the animals, as well as oiled birds they find. Today the sanctuary is a multi-pool affair with a full seal hospital.

[edit] Success Rates

Most of the seals that pass through Gweek get well enough to be released back into the wild. In 2007, the Sanctuary released 40 seals. Those who are not released stay at the sanctuary, where visitors can enjoy them. The sanctuary is home to Fur, Grey, Common, and Californian Seals, as well as Patagonian Sea Lions. (They occasionally rehabilitate turtles and dolphins.)

[edit] Take One With You!

The Sanctuary maintains its operation through adoptions by visitors who sponsor seals on their road to recovery. It’s not necessary to visit the Sanctuary to adopt a seal: visit the Web site for a printable adoption form.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

National Seal Sanctuary Gweek
Gweek, near Helston
Cornwall, TR12 6UG
01326 221361

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