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At the Core: The best species profiles and inspiring, trustworthy content.

A live, online magazine and world-class reference library

Take this instant quiz: An aquarium is?

  1. A box of water.
  2. A window on fascinating life forms, far-flung reefs, rainforests and exotic tropical locales.

For Aquarium Explorer readers, an aquarium is far more than a water vessel, home to an overgrown goldfish or sulking betta and just another piece of home or office decor.

To the true aquarium enthusiast, an aquarium offers endless lessons in natural history, tropical ecology, and animal behaviors ranging from predation to reproduction. For many, it can be a lifelong obsession that carries over into visiting public aquaria, donning dive masks and hopping onto slow boats up jungle rivers.

Microcosm Aquarium Explorer: The world-class gathering place for the world's most-involved aquarists.

Wherever the passions for aquatic life carries them, visitors to Aquarium Explorer will find:

  • Hands-on advice from the most-respected experts in the aquarium world.
  • Hard-to-find facts and keeping advice for fishes, invertebrates, and plant life — marine, freshwater, and brackishwater.
  • A place to turn when problems arise, with Help!Desks ready to solve set-up, stocking, maintenance, disease, and other issues requiring a calm mind and years of experience.
  • Diversions galore:
    • More than 700 public aquaria, zoos, botanical gardens, rainforest exhibits, and special-interest organizations worldwide.
    • Tropical destinations around the globe, with a growing bank of travel links, country facts, and "If You Go" advice.
    • The best bookshelf and reading recommendations for aquarists, eco-travelers, and lovers of tropical nature.
    • Current news and thought-provoking views that only Aquarium Explorer gathers in one engaging, constantly changing space.

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