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Ad Dimensions and File Sizes (Display Advertising)

The following gives ad dimensions (width x height in pixels) and the corresponding maximum file size:
468 x 60
Full Banner
250 x 250
250 x 500
125 x 125

Ad Dimension and File Size (eNewsletter Sponsorships)

The following is the ad dimensions (width x height in pixels) and the maximum file size:
468 x 60 Full Banner (30k)

General Guidelines

  • All ads will open a new browser window.
  • Ads will change every time a page is loaded.
  • Ads will rotate based upon the number of Advertisers advertising within a given ad spot.
  • Ad content may not contain price, value or direct sales related information.
  • Do not link to pop-ups.
  • All ads are subject to approval.
  • Please see pages 1 and 2 of PDF Download for details about ad dimensions and file size.

Acceptable File Types

.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .swf

Animated Specifications

Animated .gif and Flash (.swf) animation ads are allowed. Animated image ads must follow the same editorial guidelines and specifications as standard image ads, including the size limit. In addition, the following guidelines apply:

  • Strobing, distracting and flashing ads are not allowed.
  • Do not mimic computer functions: Ads that mimic computer functions and behaviors are not allowed. This includes a simulated cursor arrow interacting with the ad.
  • Restrict repetition: Animation is restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds per loop, and may loop infinitely.
  • Stay inbounds: Ad animation must be confined to the allotted ad space. Ads which expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the web site are not allowed.

Flash Guidelines

  • Size limit: Must be 30k or smaller in size.
  • Specifications: Prepared using Macromedia Flash Advertising Alliance guidelines.
  • Actions and Sounds: Audio and visual effects are allowed, but only when initiated by the user. The default setting for all ads must have sound and visual effects turned off. Once sounds or visual effects are initiated, users must have the ability to turn them off again.
  • Versions: Flash versions 4 - 8.
  • ClickTags: Must utilize the clickTAG variable so that Microcosm Aquarium Explorer can insert the proper URL for ad tracking purposes. The variable name must be spelled “clickTAG” (please note there is no space, and “TAG” is in capitals). Please use this code for the clickTAG parameter:
  • Microcosm Aquarium Explorer does not allow the tracking of user interactions that don’t involve clicks.
  • Flash ads cannot make external server calls for additional Javascript or other functionality.

Submission Requirements

  • Organization name
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Campaign name (for tracking purposes)
  • Ad name (for tracking purposes)
  • Ad image/file
  • Ad target URL

Download Specifications

Download a PDF of these specs.

Ad Submission

Please submit ad art and required information to [email protected]

Online Media Kit

For further information about advertising on Microcosm Aquarium Explorer and CORAL Magazine, please contact:

James M. Lawrence
Editor & Publisher
[email protected]