Maroon Clownfish

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Premnas biaculeatus - (Bloch, 1790)
Maroon Clownfish

Females of this species get large and very colorful. Scott W. Michael

[edit] Overview

This large and vividly colored clownfish is a hardy favorite of marine aquarists, but is too territorial to be housed in a smaller, peaceful community tank.

Family: Pomacentridae

Other common name(s):

  • Spinecheek Anemonefish
  • Maroon Clown

Native range:

Habitat: Reef. In the wild, it almost always associates with the Bubbletip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor). While most captive individuals are finicky, some Maroon Clownfish will settle in with a variety of anemone species (including the Atlantic Pink-tipped Sea Anemone, Condylactis gigantea). It can be kept without a host.

Maximum length: 16 cm (6 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 114 L (30 gal)

Water: Marine 24 °C (297 K, 75 °F) - 28 °C (301 K, 82 °F)

General swimming level: Near substrate.

[edit] Feeding

Omnivore. Feed meaty and algae-based foods at least twice a day. Color-enhancing rations can help maintain its bright pigmentation.

[edit] Aquarium Compatibility

This fish should be housed with relatively big, bold tankmates (angelfishes, surgeonfishes, bigger wrasses). While a female and male can be kept together, it can be difficult to keep females from “nagging” a male to death, especially in a smaller tank. The female pair member is often three or more times larger than her masculine partner. It will also harass other clownfish and more passive fish tankmates.

[edit] Special Care

This clownfish usually stays fairly close to its anemone host. It will sally out into the water column to pick off floating food particles. Select captive-raised individuals whenever possible. A color morph with gold bands is sometimes available.

[edit] Breeding/Propagation

Demersal (on or near the bottom) spawners that tend and protect their broods.

[edit] Notes

See also: Wild-caught Clownfishes (Anemonefishes)

Reference: 101 Best Saltwater Fishes
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM
Facts about Maroon ClownfishRDF feed
Common name Maroon Clownfish  +, Spinecheek Anemonefish  +, and Maroon Clown  +
Family Pomacentridae  +
Genus Premnas  +
Image credit SWM  +
Maximum length 6 in  +
Minimum aquarium size 30 gal  +
Native range Indo-West Pacific  +, India  +, Burma  +, Thailand  +, Malaysia  +, Indonesia  +, Philippines  +, New Guinea  +, Solomon Islands  +, and Australia  +
Reference 101 Best Saltwater Fishes  +
Specific name biaculeatus  +
Swimming level Near substrate.  +
Text credit SWM  +
Water max temp 301 K (28 °C, 82 °F)  +
Water min temp 297 K (24 °C, 75 °F)  +
Water type Marine  +