The 101 Best Saltwater Fishes

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How to Choose & Keep Hardy, Brilliant, Fascinating Species That Will Thrive in Your Home Aquarium (Adventurous Aquarist Guide)
101 Best Saltwater Fishes



Pages: 192

List price: $18.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: Adventurous Aquarist™ Guide

Year published: 2007

ISBN: 1890087920

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A Field Guide to Marine Aquarium Species

  • Expert Advice on Selecting Great Fishes for Your Aquarium
  • Easy-to-Use Keys to Sizes and Behaviors
  • Must-Know Feeding & Keeping Tips
  • 33 Species to Avoid
  • Fully Illustrated


Model Community Tanks

55-Gallon (209 L) Peaceful Aquarium—Western Pacific

  • 2 Yellow Assessor Assessor flavissimus
  • 2 Pajama Cardinalfish Sphaeramia nematoptera
  • 1 Golden Wrasse Halichoeres chrysus
  • 1 Falco's Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys falco

Here is a community of relatively mild-mannered reef fishes from the Western Pacific. The pair of Yellow Assessors, which will need a cave or overhang to call home, must be added to the tank simultaneously. The pair of Pajama Cardinalfish should spend most of their time in the open, but provide them with a crevice or branching coral for refuge. The Golden Wrasse will provide color and movement and will need a fine sand bed to burrow in. The small Falco’s Hawkfish has the potential to be a bit bossy and should be added to the tank last after the others have established their own territories.

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