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Liverpool Museum Aquarium

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[edit] Fish from Australia to Anglesey

The exhibits here feature fish from Australia to England in exhibits dedicated equally to education and visual stimulation. Staff are always on hand to answer visitors’ questions and help with the use of microscopes and video cameras for viewing tiny organisms.

[edit] The Learning Laboratory

This is a space for young children to learn about the marine world: kids can get close to fish and invertebrates in specially-designed low-level tanks.

[edit] Featured Fish

Don’t miss the adorable long-horned Cowfish and the brilliant regal tang in the tropical tanks. And in the mangrove exhibit, check out the spotted scat and archer fish. The native tank houses a flat plaice a tompot blenny. Lastly, let yourself be intrigued by the Creatures of the Abyss display, which explains how some animals can live 3300 feet under the sea.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Liverpool Museum Aquarium
William Brown Street
Liverpool, L3 8EN
0151 478 4393

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Street address William Brown Street  +
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