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Houston Zoo Aquarium

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[edit] A Jungle Out There

The Zoo is home to 4,500 wildlife residents, who live on 55 acres of lush gardens. These include lions, tigers, and bears, as well as African wild dogs and Asian elephants.

[edit] Komodo Dragons and Other Rarities

Check out the exhibit of rare, endangered Komodo dragons, which are native to only four islands in Indonesia. Catch a glimpse of Blanco, one of only fourteen white alligators in the world. Watch out for the venomous snake exhibit, which includes a Gaboon viper, Black mamba, Burmese python and Black forest cobra.

[edit] Get a Little Closer

Visitors can pay a little extra to participate in a big cat training session, including feeding a lion milk out of a bottle. You can also take a Walk on the Wild Side tour with a guide who will tell you personal stories about the animals and their funny personalities.

[edit] Conservation

The Zoo contributes money and research to many local conservation funds and organizations.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Houston Zoo Aquarium
1513 N. MacGregor
Houston, TX 77030
North America

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Street address 1513 N. MacGregor  +
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