Ecology of the Planted Aquarium

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A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist, Second Edition

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Pages: 196

List price: $34.95

Publisher: Echinodorus Publishing

Year published: 2003

ISBN: 0967377315

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[edit] Description

A clearly written reference book for freshwater aquarists intent on success with aquatic plants. Lots of sound science, with black and white line drawings, diagrams, and charts. (There are four color images of the author's aquariums.) The author's expertise shines through in a no-frills self-published book.

[edit] Excerpt

"This book is unique. For it explains the underlying mechanisms of the aquarium ecosystem—how plants affect the ecosystem and how the ecosystem affects the plants. It shows that plants are not just decorative but can also be quite useful in keeping fish healthy and reducing aquarium maintenance."

[edit] Reviews

"First, the downside: If you want beautiful color pictures of plants, buy Nature Aquarium World Volume 2 (the other MUST HAVE plant book). There are very few photos in this book. But if you want detailed, accessible information on how to create thriving planted aquariums, buy this.

Walstad maintains that thriving planted freshwater tanks can be created WITHOUT CO2 injectors, fertilizers, zillion-watt lighting fixtures, or many other high-tech gadgets. This book contains nothing but details on how she does so, from cover to cover.

If you've ever tried adding something (Iron, Light, whatever) and gotten an unanticipated result, you will probably find the answer here. She has lots of information about how plants impact every aspect or aquarium water chemistry.

This is a MUST HAVE book for plant enthusiasts."
— Dave Millman, Amazon Reviews

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Facts about Ecology of the Planted AquariumRDF feed
Author Diana L. Walstad  +
ISBN 0967377315  +
Image Ecology of the Planted Aquarium.jpg  +
List price $34.95  +
Pages 196  +
Publisher Echinodorus Publishing  +
Subtitle A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist, Second Edition  +
Year published 2,003  +