Nature Aquarium World Volume 2

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Pages: 180

List price: $39.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications

Year published: 1997

ISBN: 0793820774

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[edit] Description

Small to medium-size planted aquarium aquascapes by the Japanese master, Takashi Amano. A must-have book for all aquatic plant enthusiasts.

[edit] Reviews

If you are looking to be absolutely blown away by the exquisite beauty of lush aquatic plants and delicate fish composed in a harmonious aquatic "painting," here you go. the shear lovliness and mastery of Amano's aquascapes could inspire anyone to become interested in the care and arrangement of aquatic plants. Some of the English translations are a bit awkward, but the point is the fabulous images. Get this book for the purpose of inspiration, but don't expect it to go into advanced detail about the processes involved in creating an Amano-level aquascape - at least not without a CO2 system (which Amano's 'scapes seem, unfortunately, to depend on). Also, don't expect to be able to run out to your local pet shop and order up a batch of many of the plants Amano uses. In spite of how the above sounds, I've read the other reviews so I was forewarned, and my overall opinion is that this is a must-own, beautiful book. NOTE: If you want to look at examples aquariums that would fit in the avarage household, or if you're not an owner of a 200 gallon tank, I would recommend Nature Aquarium World II - it deals strictly with small tanks. The printing processes and page layouts are not as spectacular as Book I, but you may find the examples more practical. —Chris Reardon, Amazon Reviews

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Author Takashi Amano  +
ISBN 0793820774  +
Image Nature Aquarium World Volume 2.jpg  +
List price $39.95  +
Pages 180  +
Publisher T.F.H. Publications  +
Year published 1,997  +