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Discus Madness -- Breeders of Hormone-free Discus -- the only choice for a better and healthier fish. Discus Madness has more than 18 years of experience with tropical aquarium set-up and maintenance and more then 40 years of Discus Breeding and care.

They offer all the favorite foods for your Discus as well as other selected fish and hundreds of products to improve your discus keeping. They also specialize in planted aquariums, and carry a large selection of products to make your planted aquascaping fun and beautiful.

Discus Madness offers Complete Design, Set-up, and Maintenance Service in the Tri State area::

  • Free consultation and estimates.
  • Order, deliver, and set up everything needed: base, tank, canopy, lights, filter, heater, gravel, background materials, plants and fish!
  • Provide weekly service: cleaning of tank, canopy and glass; supplies of fish food; plant care and feeding; filter care (as needed); check fish health; and check water chemistry and temperature.


Organization type: Retail Merchant

Discus Madness

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
North America
(917) 304-4334


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