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Deep Sea World

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[edit] Shark Capital of Scotland

This is the place to go to see sharks when you’re in Scotland. This is the home of one of Europe’s biggest collections of sharks, which are housed in a 1 million gallon Underwater Safari. Rays swim and crabs scuttle alongside Sand Tiger, Tope, and Angel sharks. They offer a full-day shark awareness course for divers, too.

[edit] Amphibians

If sharks aren’t your thing, the Aquarium has a great exhibit of frogs and other amphibians, including green, golden and blue poison dart frogs, red-eyed tree frogs and mudskippers.

[edit] Seals

There are two seal pools here, one for resident common seals and one for injured and rescued seal pups that the Aquarium works to rehabilitate and hopefully release back into the wild.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Deep Sea World
North Queensferry
Fife, KY11 1JR
01383 411411

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City Fife  +
Continent Europe  +
Country Scotland  +
Image shark.gif  +
Organization name Deep Sea World  +
Organization type Public Aquaria  +
Phone 01383 411411  +
Postal code KY11 1JR  +
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Street address North Queensferry  +
URL  +

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