Best Marine Invertebrates

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Xenia, an excellent starter soft coral. Scott W. Michael
Spotted Linckia Sea Star, Linckia multifora. Scott W. Michael
Reef Lobsters, Enoplometapus spp. Scott W. Michael
Caribbean Giant Anemone, Condylactis gigantea. Scott W. Michael
Sexy Shrimp, Thor amboinensis. Scott W. Michael
Bubble-Tip Anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor. Scott W. Michael

Hardy, interesting species that tend to thrive in the aquarium

[edit] Under Construction

With the release of The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates by Scott W. Michael, summer 2008, this directory will be greatly enhanced. Many of the existing marine invertebrate pages and images are being updated. Thank you for your patience.

A sampling of our favorite invertebrates:

Soft Corals

Stony Corals

Sea Anemones





  • Giant Feather Duster Worm
  • Coco Worm

Reference: 101 Best Marine Invertebrates
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Text credit: SWM
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