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[edit] Every Facet of the Bay

The Aquarium offers visitors the chance to see the famed San Francisco Bay through many lenses. First, the Discover exhibit introduces the variety of ecosystems and the marine life they support in eight displays with more than 1,000 animals. Next, visitors move Under the Bay, a unique moving walkway that travels through two 300-foot tunnels, featuring 20,000 animals. The first tunnel offers glimpses of schools of anchovies and brightly-colored sea stars; the second shows visitors the animals of the deeper part of the Bay, including bat rays to angel and Seven Gill sharks. Last stop is Touch the Bay, where visitors can touch some of the animals they saw under the Bay: leopard sharks, bat rays and tide pool creatures.

[edit] Conservation

The Aquarium is actively trying to save the Bay by funding and conducting research on its animals. The Aquarium partners with many local conservation groups.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Aquarium of the Bay
39 Pier
San Francisco, CA 94133
North America
(415) 623-5300

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