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Aquarium Kon. My. Dierkunde

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[edit] Baroque Zoo

This is the world’s oldest—and only—baroque zoo. Its unusual and lovely architecture makes it a doubly-intriguing destination. Today it is a modern zoo and supporter of conservation research.

[edit] History

The Zoo and Aquarium were once part of the Hapsburgs’ summer residence; it served as Emperor Franz Stephan von Lothringen’s private menagerie. He opened it to the public in 1752 and had a pavilion built. The revered pavilion still stands as a monument to that era.

[edit] Rebirth

The first elephant ever born in captivity was born here in 1906. Since then, the zoo has acquired a collection of tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, polar bears, penguins and hippopotami. The zoo’s motto is, “Schönbrunn should be a zoo of happy animals.” Find out for yourself on the night tour, which lasts 90 minutes and gives a unique view of the wildlife.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Aquarium Kon. My. Dierkunde
Koningin Astridplein 26
Antwerp, 2018
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