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Family: Acroporidae

Species in Genus Acropora:

FAMILY Acroporidae Verrill, 1902

Genera: Acropora, Anacropora, Astreopora, and Montipora.

This family is the largest and most important contributor to coral reef formations in the world. The two primary genera—Acropora and Montipora—together account for almost one-third of all hermatypic (reef-building) coral species. The other two genera, Astreopora and Anacropora, are less important, though not uncommon.

Highly adaptive corals—opportunistic, fast growing, highly successful in both asexual and sexual reproduction—they are predominantly found in the Pacific. There are only three species of Acropora in the Atlantic, with no other genera represented.

Not long ago, Acropora were once common and the primary reef builders in these waters, but their populations have been severely damaged by disease, storms, and anthropogenic (human-created) influences.

From: [[Aquarium Corals]] by [[Eric Borneman]]