7 Questions to Ask Before Buying A New Fish

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Question: Would you buy this fish? (See bottom of page.) JJPhoto.dk

Do not be shy about asking these questions at your local fish store. These are exactly the same questions that experts and professional aquarists consider when thinking about acquiring a new fish species.

1. How large does it get? When it reaches adulthood, will it fit into the tank you intend to set up?

2. How aggressive is it? What sort of tankmates might it harm?

3. What does it eat? Does it have specific dietary requirements that will be difficult to meet or does it have a generalized diet?

4. Is it piscivorous (a fish eater). For marine fishes, is it reef safe if you have corals and ornamental invertebrates. For freshwater species, will it graze on the prize plants you want to keep or devour your prize shrimps or snails?

5. What are its habitat preferences? Is it a fish that demands lots of space? Does it have any special aquascaping requirements?

6. Is it susceptible to disease?

7. Is it considered easy or difficult to keep? Do you have the skills (and resources) to be sure it has a chance to thrive?

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Answer (from top of page): Most experienced aquarists steer away from the Bucktooth Tetra, known for attacking tankmates of all sizes, up to and including large Oscars. See species profile for details.